Muharram Message 1446AH
As we welcome the Islamic New Year, people of faith realize that our Deen (way of life) is both consciousness of our servitude to the Creator and our service to creation.
Islam motivates people to care, to share, to be compassionate. It promotes selflessness.
Islam instructs us to sacrifice our ego, our greed and to rather try and offer our services for the benefit of others.
This requires sacrificing our self-interests for the greater good of society.
We bade farewell to Dhul-Hijjah in which we commemorate the legacy of sacrifice of Prophets Ismail (AS) and Ibrahim (AS) and we welcome Muharram, reflecting on the legacy of the sacrifice of Imam Husayn (RA).
During this trying period in human history, may we commit ourselves to do the best we can to uplift humanity.
Love and Light from Team Nakhlistan ❤