Burial Service

Nakhlistan has been serving the community since 1984. The late Shukoor Mowzer was a Registered Certified Death Officer and established the Nakhlistan Death and Burial Service which is currently operating with one hearse to serve the greater Cape Town Community.

Please be advised that we do not offer the service of a Burial Society (Kiefayat Klops) where collections are taken monthly. Nakhlistan offers an on the day service.  The family will contact Nakhlistan on the day of the Janaazah to request us to handle the burial at a cost.

Information regarding Nakhlistan Burial Services


Please read carefully below

PROCEDURE AT THE TIME OF DEATH: – Ienna Liellaahie Wa Ienna Ielayhie Rajie-‘oen –


Abdurahman Govind

082 777 0156

Burial Costs and what it includes

·        R5500 – R5800 depending on the area of the Janaazah

·        Hearse Service which include from the hospital to the home, to the Masjied and then Kabrstan

·        Planks (9 Planks: 1 for the Headstone and 8 for the hole)

·        A Katel that doubles up as a Wash (Ghusl) and Carry Katel

·        Buckets & Jugs

·        Kaffan Pack which includes cotton wool, unisex kaffan, camphor, myang, gloves, sunlight soap and rose water

·        Toekamandie (male and female)

·        Black and Gold Cloth to cover the carry Katel

·        The family provides 2 white or colour bath sheets, 2 white bath towels, 2 white double bedsheets, 3 pillows covered in white pillow cases and a white bedspread.  Rose Petals can also be provided.

Burial procedure

·        When death occurs at the hospital, the doctor must provide and complete the Notice of Death which is known as the BI-1663 Form which include the thumbprints of the deceased.

·        When death occurs at home, the house Dr must provide and complete the Notice of Death which is known as the BI-1663 Form which include the thumbprints of the deceased.

·        2 certified copies of the ID of the deceased and 2 certified copies of the ID of the person who will inform us about the death of the deceased must be provided.  This person becomes the Informant and his details, including his thumbprint must also be filled in on the BI-1663 Form.

·        Nakhlistan will send our Death Registrar and these documents will be handed over to him. In the event that the thumbprints were not yet taken, he will assist with an ink pad and take thumbprints of the deceased and also check that all documents are correctly filled in and signed.

·        Once the BI-1663 Forms are completed and the deceased body is released to the Death Registrar, the body will be taken to the home or Ghusl facility arranged by family for Ghusl.

·        Copies of the BI-1663 Forms are to be made and certified by the Informant for their own use.

Gravesite / Kabrstan

·        It remains the responsibility of the family to book and pay for the hole at the preferred Kabrstan. 

·        A certified copy of the BI-1663 Form and a certified copy of the ID of the deceased will be required for this.

Janaazah Solaah

·        The family must arrange with the Imaam of the Masjied where the Solaatul Janaazah will be performed.

·        The Hearse will transport the Mayat from the place of Janaazah to the Masjied and to the Kabrstan.

Registration of Death at Home Affairs Office will be done within 3 working days as per Home Affairs regulations and the Original Death Certificate will be issued accompanied with a Burial Order.