Nakhlistan Burial Service

Nakhlistan has been serving the community since 1984. Shukoor Mowzer is a Registered Certified Death Officer. Hence, Nakhlistan has established the Nakhlistan Death and Burial Service which is currently operating with two hearses to serve the greater Cape Town Community.

Kindly please advise the community that we do not offer the service of a Burial Club (Kiefaait Klops) where collections are taken monthly. However, we offer a service whereby, on the day of the Janaazah the family contact us & request us to handle the burial at a cost.

Information regarding Nakhlistan Burial Services

Please read carefully below

PROCEDURE AT THE TIME OF DEATH: – Ienna Liellaahie Wa Ienna Ielayhie Rajie-‘oen –

When the person dies in hospital, have the doctor sign the death certificate and also ensure that the ID Document is at hand.

– Call Nakhlistan Burial Service

– Nakhlistan will issue a Burial Order via its Death Registrars at no cost.

– Only Shukoor Mowzer & Abdurahmaan Govind can issue a Burial Order on behalf of Nakhlistan.

– This Burial Order can now be taken to the respective Kaberstan.

– Nakhlistan provides the ‘Kaffang’, ‘Planks’, wash ‘Katels’, carry ‘Katels’ and Hearse transport – at a fee.

– All administration fees are free!

– A ‘Toekamandie’ can also be arranged at an extra fee.

– Nakhlistan Burial Service is a service that is rendered and can be tailored to the families needs.

– The service is available from 8.00am until 10.00pm.