Eid-ul-Fitr Media Briefing


Nakhlistan Eid Cooking falls under the Disaster Management Act.

Nakhlistan will be cooking 175 x 130lt pots of Aknie on Saturday 23 May 2020 at the Callies Rugby Field in Noll Avenue Rylands Estate. 

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 Regulations, no spectators are allowed, only the Nakhlistan Team under strict hygiene protocols and social distancing.

The last Fitrah donations will be taken at 45 Murton Road Rylands Estate on Saturday 23 May at 5:30pm.

No donations will be taken at the cooking on the night. 

Join us on Facebook for Live videos throughout the night.

We will not be cooking the 175 pots simultaneously. We will cook in 3 shifts throughout the night.

Shift 1 : 65 pots

Shift 2 : 60 Pots

Shift 3 : 50 Pots